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How To Get $1,750 DJ Jobs

This is really REALLY dope.

I recently talked to a DJ who is booking gigs at $1,750 a night.

And sometimes he makes even more than that.

But he never charges anything less than $1500 for dj jobs and in just a few months he will be raising his prices, at which pont his lowest paid gig will be $1,750.

This is a guy with an abundance of DJ work who’s experiencing a truly successful and consistent Dj career.

Now, you might be asking…

How exactly do you that? How do you market yourself as DJ so you can change that much for DJ work?

Well, that’s EXACTLY the question I asked him in this Successful DJ Interview.

Check it out:


Learning from other DJs that are experiencing the kind of success you want is the absolute FASTEST way to get more DJ jobs and step up your DJ career.




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How To STOP Getting Low Paid DJ Jobs


Today I’m going to give you some tips on how to STOP getting low paid DJ jobs. And how to instead get more higher paid dj work.

The key to this is simple:

Know the 3 most important things to look for. 

So before you watch the video I’ve made for you below, pause for a second and realize that it ACTUALLY IS possible for you to get higher paid dj work if you do things a little bit differently.

Here’s a rule to remember that applies to all DJs: You get the kind of dj jobs you think about and focus on most.

So recognize first there is a flood of higher paid gigs out there.

And second, that YES YOU CAN get these DJ Jobs if you know what to look for.

The more you do this, the more successful you will be motived to do more dj promo and the more successful your dj career will be.

Ok, now watch the video and I’ll teach you the 3 most important things you need to know to stop getting low paid DJ jobs and start getting high paid DJ jobs . . .


P.P.S. Keep calm, mix on….

How To Improve Your DJ Career By Working For A DJ Company



First, thanks for all the awesome feedback on my last video. You guys are why I do this. RESPECT! If you haven’t seen it yet, you can check it out here:

How To Use DJ Promo To Get Consistent Dj Jobs

Second, that’s right kids….it’s question of the day time!

Today’s questions is from my homie Ryan Aguirre (Scratch DJ Academy Alum)

His question was this…

whats up stylewise! i need some help on this here… i scheduled a interview tomorrow for a dj company, he went ahead & said bring whatever i want to share at the interview, now ive done many gigs but dont really have any thing to show him,, what should i do? & what can i do to make a good impression?

Here’z my answer…


Homie Ryan, thanks for asking the question. You can really improve your dj career by working for a dj company.

I would do this:

Use their website to learn everything you can about what they do and really understand their unique advantage.

What do they do (or try to do) better then the other djs companies?

What’s are they known for?

If you use the internet you can find these things out easily, in just a few minutes. Try sites like, google them and check their website and facebook page.

So thing 1 is: know your shit better than they expect you to

They will never expect you to come in knowing everything you can about their operation.

Thing 2: Evaluate them

After they are done asking you questions you’ll have the chance to ask them some. Ask them 2 or 3 specific questions about their operation. stuff like…

How do they go about bringing in gigs?

What is their current process for getting bookings from the people who contact them?

They are expecting you to just sit there and passively be evaluated. So you can make SERIOUS impact by doing some evaluating of them.

Thing 3: Utilize The Power Of Mix Magnets

The demo you have might not be what they are looking for. So instead bring a mix magnet. A mix magnet is a mix you create specifically for getting a certain gig or certain type of gig.

In your case, you want to have a mix magnet that shows you have what I call “range” meaning the ability to rock the party with multiple music styles. This is because most DJs don’t. Even ones with real DJ careers.

Your typical DJ is a 1 trick pony who can only get the crowd going with only 1 style of music. Just EDM or just hip hop or just old skool. And to a dj company this sucks, because it limits their income and yours.

Wider range = more gigs, and more gigs = more money.

So show them you can integrate different formats into your sets. And if you can’t yet, then show them your at least willing to learn.


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