Daydreaming About DJ Jobs


Dj at the concert
For many DJs, there’s a disparity between the DJ success want to have vs. the one they actually have.

If you’re one of the (many) DJs who finds themselves daydreaming about a DJ career that’s more successful than the one you actually have right now, listen up.

Do you want to know one of the top causes of DJs sitting home alone all weekend, when they actually wish they were out playing music and having a good time?

It’s called “peopleitis”. And it can be a very serious problem that can stop you from having the kind of DJ success that you want.

Let me ask you a question. And fair warning, it’s kind of harsh:

Do you think it’s fair to accept rejection without even giving people an opportunity to reject you themselves?

You’re Rejecting Yourself?!?!

But yet, you want people to fall in love with your DJing, have your phone ringing off the hook, and have even more gigs than you can handle?

A big part of the problem is too much of an “inward focus“. That is, being un-usefully in your head, evaluating yourself and your DJ skills, instead of turning your attention outward toward others.

You are ASSUMING that others are judgmental, critical and rejecting you without even giving them a fair chance to experience the awesomeness that is you and the amazing energy you give.

How is it fair to THEM?

And even more – how is that fair to YOU?

If you see an opportunity and you ASSUME you won’t even get it before making ANY effort to get it… you’re literally deciding FOR THEM that they will NOT like you.

Imagine… if you DID go after that opportunity… and as a result, ended up having the crowd LOVING YOU just by playing music for them and doing what you do best. And imagine getting even more gigs after that because of the amazing job you did.

Look: if a person believes they are unable to swim, they probably won’t bother developing the skills of swimming. Then, because they don’t have the skills, they will think they are physically unable to – even though their legs and arms work just fine!

Do you see the cycle?


Focus on the skills of searching for and taking advantage of opportunities for you to DJ more.

Apply the same when you talk to people who are interested in booking you and you will see results other than the rejection you put on yourself by ASSUMING people won’t like you and not even giving them a chance to fall in love with what you do.

Much love,

Your homie Stylewise