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* The Single Bigeest Mistake MOst DJs Make That Destroy Their Chances For Getting More Dj Jobs

* The Most Important Things You Need To Do In Order To Market YourSelf Better As A Dj

* How To Understand What People Really Want From A DJ (It’s probably NOT what you think)

* What You Need To Do In Order To Get Ultra High Paying Dj Jobs That Will Give You A Successful Dj Career

* How To Use Your Music To Solve Peoples Problems And Make Them Love You FOR LIFE

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dj oak says:

I really appreciate this. thank you!

richard lanthier (DJ RUBIXZ) says:

hey i liked this video you said alot of helpful thoughts there and im going to watch this movie till its drill in my memorie files to dwell on haha thank keep in touch i like this its a big hel p i love djing casuse i had that amazing experience and now i want to share it with others

here says:

Is it fine to insert part of this in my personal website if perhaps I publish a reference point to this site?

stylewise says:


thankz 4 takin tha tyme out 2 make this video itz good advice!!

stylewise says:

your welcome my friend. glad you liked it. -stylewise

Alex says:

Would you do your first gig at no pay???

stylewise says:

Hey Alex. You should never work for free unless you want to keep working for free. If you are new and want to do it for the experience and the exposure (which I did when I was starting) ALWAYS agree to do the gig in exchange for SOMETHING. Could be money, could be you having them agree to book you again if they like what you do, or it could be in exchange for them giving you a testimonial or referring to their friends. The most important thing to understand with this is that often the more people pay for a DJ, the more they believe that DJ is valuable. We all tend to believe this is true, even if it’s not. And not JUST when it comes to buying DJ services, but with anything. People seem to always think expensive = better. So use this to your advantage so you don’t become known as the cheap DJ and ALWAYS charge something for what you do. -Stylewise

Alex Pertuz says:

Thank you for your video, I think in my city the problem is about politics, it doesn’t matter if you are good, but if you are not friends with certain ppl you won’t make it.
I think also a good way to make it another level is producing because that’s how your name will get out there and remember it takes only one track to make a hit ๐Ÿ™‚

djgumbe says:

Thanks yo



DJK-RON says:

Great Advise. I am a big music lover but never did I look at it from this perspective.

Ricky says:

I need to figure out how to mix hip hop better

DJ UNIQ says:

Thank you for the info. Very helpful insite.

dj timmyt says:

so true , ive been djing for over 25 years now and all ways said ,, “its not a disco your booking its a entertainer and if you get a re booking for that job you have done its because they like your style “

DJ Jericko (Aka James Cracknell) says:

Hi, Found the video podcast was very good advice and very useful. I’m currently really very much trying to get somewhere & make it as an electronic music DJ(mainly playing good quality house and trance music), in Bath in the Southwest of England.

DJmiked says:

Thanks great advice .smile cause you can.

NiftyKuts says:

Thanks for podcast! Like this kind of advice!

What’s Up Bro. Great Podcast, you hit the nail on the head with this one… your self first. Keep up the good work.

vernon says:

Great info, Great info i can use

ร†on Miller says:

thx for the info.. great insight

DJ Spinn... says:

Great verbal breakdown of how to be more successful which makes sense completely..Thanks for sharing your knowledge and wisdom!!

Manesh says:

Very good insight, its what people want that is important. Thanks Stylwise… You Rock!

Thanks for the insightful video. I just moved to a new city and am having difficulty getting gigs. The dj’s that I have heard in the clubs all seem to be jukeboxes with no style. Any advice on how to release the stranglehold they have and get in that spot?

DJ REDD says:

Thanks for the info. Never too proud to take advice or to learn.

DJ REDD says:

Very helpful information. I’ve been DJing for a while but I’m never too proud or too old to learn or take advice. Thanks

steve gustus says:

great video, I am going out today and do just what you explain to me. thank you!

Dj Doug Brown says:

Interesting. I knew that but I think my problem is staying in the limelight. I play good but I always let personal things get in the way.

Mark Vicente says:

great vid. Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing your wisdom!

stylewise says:

Thanks guys. I really truly appreciate the kind words. Glad you are finding my stuff so valuable ๐Ÿ™‚