How To Be A DJ That’s Different

It’s 2012 — and the DJ is dying.

DJs have officially become a commodity.

There are so many of them and every day it seems like more and more new DJs come on to the scene. Plus you’ve got technology taking jobs. Ipods and iphones, to youtube and Pandora. If you want to become a successful DJ in today’s world it can feel frustrating trying to make a name for yourself.

But it doesn’t have to be. There is always incredible opportunity for those willing to do things differently. And THIS is exactly what you must do.

So how do you stand out from the crowd and kill the competition?

The answer is this…


In a world where Dj’s come a dime a dozen, being unique is no longer an option. You must be different. There are far too many DJs out there falsely believing that talent alone is enough. It’s not.

You must know what makes you unique as a DJ. And not just that, but you must also be able to communicate those things to people in a way people can easily understand. Because having an awesome style is worthless if people can’t see what it is.

How To Differentiate Your DJing In 2 Steps

Step 1: Start with what you’re not.

Here is a classic marketing concept: Instead of starting with describing what the product (your DJiing) is, start by describing what the product is not.

There are a million kinds of DJs. Identify the ones that are farthest from what you do and use that as a starting point.

Step 2: Then, move on to describing what your DJIng is.

And ask yourself these questions:

What is it about the way I DJ that makes me unique? What do I do differently, better than other DJs?

The Vibe Method

Take a minute and think about the vibe you create for yourself and your crowd, mentally step into that emotion and describe it. I call this the vibe method. What experience do you give people when you DJ? Describe this in 5 words or less, preferably 1 or 2. And be descriptive, not creative. Make it simple and clear.

Then do this same exercise with a few of your fans and choose the description that most accurately fits what you do.

Ok, now that you have clearly defined your uniqueness, turn your attention to how you communicate those things.

There are 3 ways to communicate what makes you different as a DJ

1. Musically. This is the most common. You communicate your uniqueness through what you play and how you play it.

2. Visually. This is the least common. You communicate your uniqueness through how you look and appear.

3. Emotionally. This is the most powerful. You communicate your uniqueness through how you make people feel.

Now, let’s look at some examples of the ultra successful…


Daft Punk

DJ Q-Bert

You may be thinking now, which should you choose, but instead of thinking which – think how. If you want maximize your success, utilize all 3. Differentiate yourself in as many ways as possible.

The key is to stop following and start leading. Be bold and do your thing in a way that is fresh and unique. Then spread a message that sounds different, looks different, and feels different. The more DJs there are, the harder this becomes — so start now.



P.S. I definitely enjoying doing this one for you, hope you enjoyed it too. If you did, leave me a comment below.

dj nitrous says:

What holds me back is clear (people vs computers). I have never been a computer lover, records and turntables is how I was raised. Marketing now depends on computers, thanks to Apple and Stylewise I see the light!

djmcmello says:

Thank you for all the information. I will step it up now.

Ryan says:

Everything I’ve read so far is very descriptive and informative. Thanks for your help. Most dj’s could care less about other dj’s. Hence the “Competition” lol anyway. Good shit man.. I appreciate it

Dj Maximus says:

Thanks for the inspiration to keep creating into the future. It’s important to bring other personalities to the plate.

admin says:

Absolutely man!

Dj Miketron says:

Thanks for the info on keeping it your own style, it was very important hearing it from someone of your success and professionalism.

admin says:

right on man.

dj face says:

Wow you are amazing you have given me all this information and I’m loving it…every time I receive an email I’m hoping its you I will ALWAYS keep this information and you know this sounds like something you could sell for money but your not and that is the best part about this. I thank you again Stylewise!


Thanks. This was an eye opener. I have been a dj for awhile & never thoght to put it this way. Saying you are unique is one thing. But to describe how you are unique & to show how you are different from other djs is a whole new ball game. Again, Thanks for the tips.

admin says:

Sure man. I know you guys got my back!

dj shellz says:

i need to know more!! although this is very helpful!!!

Berto says:

Stylewise you are the man!! I’m ALWAYS trying to step up my marketing game and you make look SOOOOO easy

dj big dooby says:

good words of wisdom bro…will put to use..

admin says:

Oh yeah boyeee! BTW- I like your dj name. Big Dooby in the house!

Wh1teland says:

Very true and very good advice!

admin says:

Hey Wh1teland – Glad you found it valuable.

DJ from Ottawa says:


Senecca says:

Thanks and appreciate it, i have residency at two clubs, three nights a week but im trying to get to the next level and open up for big acts,…..

admin says:

Right on man. Put this stuff into play and you can get there in no time.