How To Become A DJ That Makes Money (pt1)

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If the DJ is the new rockstar, does that mean we should all be getting paid like rock stars?

I think so.

I’m sure you can see that DJs have become very “cool” lately.

You can see it almost everywhere:

  • On TV (the VH1 show Master Of The Mix)
  • On the internet blogs (have you seen Highest Paid DJ List?)
  • At the super market (yea, we’ve got DJs on kids cereal boxes now!)
  • And even Costco has started selling a beginner DJ setup.

With all this, you would think people would want to pay us more for what we do. But the sad truth is: they don’t.

Most people look at what we do as easy. Most people out there think all we do is push button, smile and get paid.


I know what you do has immense value. And I know you know that. But why in THE HELL don’t people see that?

The fact is you need to help them. Point blank period. And that is exactly what I am here to teach you how to do: communicate the value of your DJing.

Today, I’m blessed to have my homie DJ Brenton to help me help you with this single skill that all DJs MUST HAVE if they expect to be paid what they deserve.

Dj Brenton is an absolute genius and I know you are going to get tons of value from what he has to share with you. So without further, I give you part 1 of the 3 part series:

How To Become A DJ That Makes More Money (Part 1)

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