Promotion VS Process



You might be doing do this and didn’t even know it.

When I first started my DJ business
I didn’t take it too seriously

…I’d get gigs through word of mouth, DJ for them
and get paid.

Pretty simple formula.

Pretty lousy one, too.

It wasn’t till I got serious about my business and
started planning out and applying systems
that business really took off.

What reminded me of this story from my past was a
message I got this weekend from a DJ who
(in his own words):

“for the most part I’m successful, but I feel like I’m
operating by the seat of my pants and can’t help but feel
that the bottom is going to fall out sometime.” 

I don’t know about you, but I would NEVER want to
live in that level of anxiety about my DJ business.

At least it’s good that our Facebook friend realizes
that he’s running his DJ thing like a hobby and not
a true business.

Let me explain…

In all business there are two ways to make money.

Way one: Systems and Processes

– Figure out who you want to serve

– Craft all your marketing stuff (website, facebook page
promo cds, etc) to only attract those people.

– Use a predicable system for getting those people
to invest in you.

– Deliver killer results and systematically stimulate

Way two: Be a promotion machine

This is what our Facebook friend is doing – and you may
be doing something like this too.

They’re very unpredictable and unstable.

Promotion machines are DJs who try to live off
the money generated from promotions…

Don’t get my wrong, promotions is awesome for
your DJ business,


I see way too many DJs trying to make a
living off just promotion.

A deadly mistake.

Promotions are short term hype.

DJ business longevity comes from long term
money – once you convert that promotional into
ongoing FULL PRICE gigs.

Short term money generated from promotion is just
icing on the cake, that’s money to offset the cost of
your marketing


that’s also money that you should reinvest into giving
your new clients the WOW experience.

It just makes sense to have systems and processes in
place doesn’t it?

Best off all a business built on systems and processes
gives you security, peace of mind and RELIABLE income.

Listen, it takes the same amount of effort and energy to build
a business on systems and processes as it does to run
your business as a promotional machine.

Plus a promotion machine can easily be put out of business
when a new DJ comes to town with more sophisticated
marketing and better systems.

Hope that gives you a better idea on how to run your DJ
business moving forward.

To Excellence,

DJ Stylewise

dj jonh rey says:

I can’t thank you enough this is very valuable information to to have especially at my age, so when I start I’ll know how to start it right, your name will definitely be mentioned

stylewise says:

your very welcome brother

stylewise says:

What you’ll need is a controller. I personally use Serato Scratch Live and recommend it. But you need to use CDJs or Turntables with it. If you want to do a laptop only setup the hottest thing out is the traktor kontrol f1. Look it up on youtube. Really cool.

site says:

Oh man. This blog is sick. You make it simple !

Mikey B from NJ says:

Thanks for the advice. I am just starting in the business again. Unemployed and need cash and figure I could have fun making money. Just a question. Would you know the best equipment to get to DJ with a laptop? Thanks again.

dj ASE says:

Anybody from out of town, wanna exchange gigs ? I live in Toronto and play 3 times a week. Who wants to collaborate with me ? Hollaaaa at me people.

Gerald Lajiness says:

This is actually a really great piece of advice. Thanks!!

stylewise says:

Your welcome DJ Pure!



McTwist says:

Great information. If you are currently living in a market where the music is very commercially dominated and the “norm” is greatly appreciated of the “new”, how does one market themselves in this situation to break the barrier to enter into the commercialized areas of the market other than moving to another city?

stylewise says:

Hey McTwist. Thanks for the compliment. Differentiation is more about HOW you DJ and less about WHAT you DJ. The key is to answer this question: how do you dj that makes you unique?

djantiks says:

Thx for the info :-):-):-) gonna remember this n hopefully take it to the next level

admin says:

your welcome homie! -stylewise

dj t says:

yo interesting reads.yea i remember tht budweiser bit…wassuuuuppp 😛 !!!!
lol.think i’m gonna make a few mixes n drop’em in a few clubs thanks for the motivation.i dj every fri ,sat,but not @ prices i want.guess i gotta reinvent/remarket myself or something…is that a word lol oh well.look forward to hearing from you.

admin says:

Yea man best commercial ever LOL hey, your welcome daaaawg. thanks for reading.

Mark Vicente says:

so happy I stumbled on your blog. It’s been keeping me motivated. I’ll definitely put your “process” into practice. I live in Montreal, Canada and there are so many DJs here that sometimes I find it hard to compete or believe that I have something to offer to this scene, especially when most Clubs are just looking for a Top 40/Club DJ. There’s some work ahead but it’s nice to know there are supportive DJs out there such as yourself. Much respect.

admin says:

hey man, glad you enjoyed it. i really enjoyed writing this one for you.

AEon says:

thx Stylez, good ish here..

admin says:

your welcome homie.

Dj Cisco B says:

I get the idea in general, but in specifics… what are or how can we apply those systemsn and process

admin says:

Hey man. Thanks for the comment. There are MANY DJ marketing strategies you can do. But if you want somewhere to begin, start with these 3 steps. 1) identify the decision makers for the gigs you want to get 2) give them your mixes 3) ask them for feedback. That alone, done right, can get you some AWESOME results.

Aaron says:

Hey Stylewise good tips! I know alot of us are club DJ’s and we have to play across many genres so would we focus our business machine towards club owners or have a variety of styles for the variety of crowds we cater to?

admin says:

Sup Aaron! Thank you sir! Definitely club owners. They are the ones with the money. Sell them effectively and they’ll be paying your bills for you.

Berto says:

yo stylewise!

I understand what you are saying, any tips on how to actually focus? or examples from going from promotion machine what changed to become a system machine?

admin says:

Yo Berto!

The first place you want to start is by recognizing that just getting your name out to a million people won’t necessarily increase your DJ income. That’s not the way to go because you won’t necessarily be getting in front of the people that would actually hire you. So instead of focusing on you and getting your name out there, focus on who you need to get yourself in front of to get the kind of gigs you want. Then, use a process for promoting systematically to those people.

Berto says:

Thanks yo, I took your advice, and I have a live audition tomorrow and the newest club in town! Peace and Blessings my Friend!

Area4 says:

Pappa got a brand new bag! This just in. Processes and systems just killed my hobby!

Watch out sucka djz. Ya boy is open for BIG Business!

Good ish Stylewise!

admin says:

Right on man!

Boris says:

I never thought about it like that,I been a promotion machine all along and getting it wrong in the prosess

Dj Flea says:


admin says:

All good!

steve gustus (aka) Dj wiz says:

Thank you for taking your time to give me this info.
Dj wiz

stylewise says:

sup wiz your welcome homie.