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sel tallboy says:

How can I mke more money at doin wat I love, if I am unable to get regular booking on events

stylewise says:

Hey Sel – My first recommendation is to read my blog. I’ve put up a ton of cool stuff that will really help you out. And if you’d like some live training, I’d consider registering for my High Paid DJ Program, which is sold out right now. But if you subscribe to my emails, I will let you know if I get any openings.

Lionel S. Dunkley aka LSD says:

Great words of wisdom my friend, Ive apprieciated all you have said and writen, thank you. I’ll be putting as much of what you’ve said and writen into action as I can… Thanks again


LSD says:

Great words of wisdom it seems my friend, ill be putting as much of what you have said into practice as I can…. Thanks for the words

stylewise says:

Right on man! -Stylewise

Slava Dee says:

Hi. I`m sure that you have a great experience and you are a good dj. And what do you advise, you can think about it. I think the most important thing is to decide – do you want to be a DJ DJ or not, right? Suppose I am standing in front of that choice. Believe me, I love what I do, I love music, but I do not know should I do in the future!?

stylewise says:

go for it maaaaan!